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Mesoestetic Acne One 50ml

Designed for optimal control of skin types prone to acne and seborrhea. The unique association of complementary and synergistic ingredients of acne complex simultaneously stimulates exfoliation of the pilosebaceous canal, reduces sebum production, controls bacterial proliferation and lessens redness.

Mesoestetic Brightening Peel Booster

Gel that renews and brightens skin with dark spots, uneven tone, blemishes and signs of photoaging. Reactivates cell renewal and increases skin hydration. Pore size is reduced, leaving the skin clearer and brighter, with a uniform tone.

Mesoestetic Energy C Complex 28ml

Treatment indicated for visibly boosting the hydration and luminosity of the face and neck, achieving a global tightening effect.

Mesoestetic Facial Gel Cleanser 120ml

A mild gel cleanser that helps dissolved make-up and eliminates impurities, leaving the skin fresh and clean. The gentle formula effectively cleanses the skin without causing irritation.Application:Apply to face and neck using damp finger-tips, massaging gently with a circular motion product will foam slightly. Rinse with water.Product Recommendations:Recommended for normal, combination and oily skin type.Main Ingredients:Lactic Acid, Glycerin

Mesoestetic Melanogel Touch 15ml

Occasional depigmentation treatment for blemishes of melanic origin. It acts by inhibiting the enzymatic mechanisms that produce melanin. Its form allows repeated application over the course of the day, maximizing the inhibiting effect on skin hyperchromia.

Mesoestetic Mesocaps Tricology 30 Capsules

This product combines zinc, biotin and vitamins, elements that help to keep hair and nails healthy, strengthening them at the root. Mesocaps Tricology assists the healthy functioning of cell metabolism, providing extra vitality by improving the synthesis of carbohydrates and proteins, which leads to healthier, more balanced hair and nails.

People with weakened hair who want to prevent hair loss, and those with brittle, lifeless hair. It is also the ideal supplement for people with soft, weak or brittle nails.

Mesoestetic Moisturising Sun Protection Spf50+ 50ml

Tricology intensive hair loss shampoo is made up of a combination of active substances that moisturises hair,regenerates the scalp and favours the supply of nutrients to the follicles,thus facilitating the regeneration and strength of hair follicles. it has been formulated to to aid hair growth and facilitate the regeneration and strength of hair follicles.Suitable for men and women.

Mesoestetic Purifying Mousse

  • Balancing, anti-pollution cleansing facial foam. Enhances unclogging of pores and prevents imperfections. Oily and acne-prone skin.

Mesoestetic Radiance DNA Intensive Cream 50ml

Day cream for mature skin, with global anti-aging action. Highly oxidating, regenerating and repairing. The skin recovers its elasticity and firmness. SPF15 solar protection.

Mesoestetic Resurfacing Peel Booster 50ml

Retexturizing and anti-aging gel for oily, acne-prone, seborrheic and blemished skins.

Mesoestetic Tricology Hair Growth Intensive Lotion

Hair loss intensive treatment lotion with revitalising effect.

Mesoestetic Tricology Intensive Hair Loss Shampoo 200ml

Hair loss shampoo with revitalising effect to target male and female androgenetic alopecia, slowing down its progression.