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ThymuSkin CLASSIC Serum

The dermatological Thymuskin Classic System against all kinds & stages of hair loss and for the activation of new hair

THYMUSKIN Classic Shampoo For Moderate Hair Loss, Made In Germany, The Original 100ml

The Thymuskin Classic Shampoo for universal use (all kinds & all stages) against hair loss. Use it especially for normal or greasy hair condition. Thymuskin Classic contents the optimal dosage of active ingredient GKL-02. It is the Thymuskin version which is used the most within the clinical studies. The cleansing- & caring shampoo gently cleans the scalp from dirt and already supplies it with the active agent. This way the scalp gets prepared for the treatment with the Thymuskin Serum. It is highly effective and free of harmful side effects. Suitable for daily use.


Daily usage of Thymuskin Forte Serum Gel helps against strong androgenetic (hereditary) hair loss. It is used especially in case of long term problems, to treat damaged and exhausted hair & scalp. Furthermore the Thymuskin Forte system is used before or after chemotherapy. It contains +100% of GKL-02 active complex and an additional extra high level of premium caring conditioners to compensate supply deficiencies, which are typical in case of long term problems. Frequent application leads to a rapid normalization for scalp and hair – without harmful side effects. Regrowth of hair is being activated.

ThymuSkin FORTE Shampoo 100ml

The dermatological Thymuskin Forte System against strong hair loss and for the activation of new hair growth.   Especially for